Cusco’s restaurants offer a great variety of exotic food, many charming places to choose from and are situated amongst the spectacular view of the Andes.

Cusco’s restaurants have many culinary influences and their unique strength is found in the fusion of ancient and modern cooking traditions combining Earth Ovens, Flame grilled dishes and cooking without heat in fresh lime juice. Many restaurants also use exotic ingredients, flavorful herbs, spices only found in Peru.

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The gourmet restaurants here offer dishes for even the most demanding culinarists, providing excellent service, a wide selection of wines from all over the world, mouthwatering desserts and very sophisticatedand elegant atmospheres.
If you want to venture out there’s also many picanterias and local eateries where you can try the typical plates, fried guinea pig, drink ancient Incan chicha drinks and eat amongst the locals.
The atmosphere in the restaurants is very warm and cozy and trying their flavorsome and delicious cuisine is a special way to absorb the Peruvian culture.
Cusco has enough variety to that caters to anyone’s taste and if you’re still missing home you can easily find your countries typical dishes, good pub grub or if you’re on an economical budget you can still find menu’s for 6 soles that are interesting, tasty and satisfying. It’s good to carry Peruvian Soles and US Dollars with you, as not all places accept credit cards.
At Cusco Nightlife we will keep you informed of the insider tips of the best places to eat, the best menu’s  all discounts and special offers.