Cusco’s clubs offer some of the hottest nightlife in the world because the party here never stops andcontinues on 7 days a week from the early hours of the night until the wee hours of the morning.

You’ll also notice the people who party here don’t seem too concerned about work the next day andreally go out and celebrate with everything they’ve got.

Visit the Clubs


When you go out, you can start at one of Cusco’s many restaurants before heading to the clubs that offer free salsa lessons, cinema and candle lit tables until they become crowded and festive later in the night.

Cusco’s clubs offer ample dance space, many different types of music and packed dance floors, so if you’re a real party animal, this is the city to go clubbing.

The clubs have music ranging from electronic, salsa, reggeaton, 80’s and classics, hip hop and reggae as well as mainstream beats. When the clubs are full the table tops(and furniture) are famous for being used for dancing and the bartenders flipping bottles often join in too.

Many clubs also organize regular parties and events (with themes like turning up in your PJ’s, as gangsters, angels, pirates or 70’s style), so you’ll often find a place you went to the night before looking totally different with unusual decorations, cocktail menu’s and all the guests in costume.

Most of Cusco’s clubs have generous happy hours that continue throughout the night, however keep in mind that when you’re here, the high altitude can affect the alcohol on your body much quicker.

The discos and clubs here open from 7 to 9 pm at night and until 4 to 7am in the morning.

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