In Cusco you will find some of the most charming cafes in the world. Many of them are situated in the older part of Cusco amongst its narrow cobblestone streets and are very inviting with their smell of fresh coffee and cozy ambience.

Here you can drink hot chocolate or freshly brewed coffee, eat sumptuous desserts and spend time with friends or a good book from early in the morning until long after sunset.

Visit The Coffee Places


The cafeterias here make specialty deserts using ingredients like Sauco and Maracuja and offer smoothies and juices so fresh, the fruits are pressed and mixed the moment you order.

If you’re a coffee lover you can also try the exquisite aromatic flavors of beans brought from deep in the jungles of Peru from Quillabamba and Machu Picchu. Many varieties are grown on certified organic farms and have distinctive rich tastes .

Many of Cusco’s café’s also offer healthy snacks, fruit salads, mueslis, coca leaf teas, scrumptious homemade cakes and powerful Peruvian super foods like kiwicha, quinoa and lucuma.

At Cusco Nightlife you can find the best cafeterias Cusco has to offer and learn about all their specials, new desert menus and discounts