Cusco’s bars & lounges are a true reflection of the diverse cosmopolitan influences this city has gathered. Here you’ll find all different types of bars from the rustic with hay on the floor and Andean chicha, to exquisite cocktail bars with the most luxurious furnishings and everything in between.

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As Cusco’s bars are frequented by both locals and travelers from the world over, they´re the perfect place to go after sunset to meet up with friends or if you’re alone, people are so open minded here, it’s easy to make new ones.

No matter which bar you’re in, alone the backdrop of the towering Andes reaching down to the cobble stoned streets and ancient ruins sprawled through the city will give your night out a mystical feel and leave you with unforgettable memories.

If you’re looking for a quiet night out after a long trek, or simply wish to unwind by sipping wine with a candle lit dinner and sumptuous desserts; the best place to go is one of the comfy lounge bars or restaurants open until the midnight hours. The lounge bars here are warmly decorated with beautiful art on the walls, unusual room shapes and vibrant colors.

The Irish and English pubs are the place to go if you want to drink world famous beers and you’re looking for a lively and festive atmosphere with wooden bars, large tables and the real pub feel.

The many bars that offer live music attract some of the best south American bands ranging from alternative, Andean, punk, rock and funk. This is highly popular, letting you dance and sit within centimeters of the action while feeling the sound through the floorboards.

Cusco’s luxury bars in contrast are so modern and elegant, they‘re often compared to the top bars of London and New York. There you’ll see cool bartender tricks, the largest cocktail menu’s, exotic ingredients from the jungle and experience the side of Cusco with a sophisticated feel.

Amongst Cusco’s bars, not to be forgotten are the many hostel and backpacker bars that offer a lively spontaneous ambiance, people dancing on the table tops, fun games, drinks and friendly tourists as bartenders.

For those who still want to dance to other music, there are numerous bars which feature 80´s alternative, indie, pop and post modern sounds.

Many of Cusco’s bars and clubs also convert themselves into cinemas, provide board games, cards, pool tables, television broadcasts and interesting books before the action really heats up.

Most bars in the city are open from 11 am to 2 am.

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